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Unlock BSNL (Teracom lw272-lw273) Usb modem

BSNL 3G Data Card Now at Rs.2500 Unlock BSNL (Teracom lw272 lw273) Usb modem

Now BSNL 3G Data Card (Usb Modem) available for Rs. 1280  But you can use that modem only for  bsnl simcard.Want to switch over other network..??..but you have locked Bsnl 3G Modem(Teracom lw272/lw273) here is the trick just for you.NOw you dont need to flash the modem or dont need for any downgrading and upgrading software icon razz Unlock BSNL (Teracom lw272 lw273) Usb modem .Now you can unlock your  Bsnl 3G Modem(Teracom lw272/lw273) by editing your registry settings.Unlock Bsnl 3G Modem (Teracom lw272/lw273) For All Networks Using Registry Trick)

Follow the simple steps to make it successfully :

   Unlock BSNL (Teracom lw272 lw273) Usb modem

Step 1). Open Notepad and paste the below registry settings.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Step 2). And save as Unlock.reg and double click to merge in the registry.

Step 3). Now insert sim of your choice and edit the Acess Point Name(APN) and enjoy…

Note : Make sure that your saved file name is unlock.reg instead of unlock.reg.txt otherwise it will open in notepad instead of merging in registry.
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